Punks Keeper


Mint: December 13, 2023.

Supply: 10.000 NFT

Mint Price: FREE MINT

Mint Website: Exclusive on OpenSea

Every NFT is individually created in homage to the original CryptoPunks.

The year 2103

60 years ago, a nuclear war devastated the world.

98% of the Earth's population was annihilated. The world we knew was wiped off the face of the Earth, along with everything that reminded us of it.

The surviving people became hunters for whatever remained from the past life.

This marked the beginning of my father's story, the first Punks Keeper:

When my father and I descended into the bunker, I was only 3 years old, my mother had died before the nuclear war.

So, my father managed to print these images on paper before judgment day, some CryptoPunks, all 10,000 original images, so-called NFTs.

Father told that people bought different NFTs online for millions of dollars, although I can hardly imagine this, let alone what the internet is. Hahaha.

I love my father very much, but time is too fleeting.

Before death, my father handed over the entire collection of punks to me and the right to become the next keeper.

Now they are priceless to me, and worth much more than those millions, they are worth the life of a keeper.

I've kept these punks for many years, many of them are in very bad condition.

I decided to embark on my last and dangerous journey in search of a new keeper.

The decision was made to give punks to every worthy individual on my way - under the name "Punks Keeper".

I feel my strength leaving me, radiation is doing its job and I am slowly dying.

I hope that I can find worthy successors to preserve this legacy.

 2023 Punks Keeper